The Hartford Art School Faculty Exhibition

On view: September 6 – October 22

The Hartford Art School Faculty Exhibition opened last month with an amazing crowd of enthusuastic faculty, board members, students, alumni and gallery supporters. Thank you to everyone came out to support the faculty and view new works by:

Doug Andersen | Power Boothe | Stephen Brown | Robert Calafiore | Harriet Caldwell | Ellen Carey | Alan Carlstrom | Joe Dal Pra | Jim Duval | Ted Efremoff | Terry Donsen Feder | Susan Finnegan | Donna Forma | Mary Frey | Jenni Freidman | Hirokazu Fukawa | Gilles Giuntini | Lloyd Glasson | Gene Gort | Walter Hall | Deb Kline | Jason Lanka | Jim Lee | Reynard Milici | Dennis Nolan | John Nordyke | Ryan O’Rourke | Carol Padberg | Jeremiah Patterson | Douglas Peltzman | Julie Rivera | Kevin Sepe | Joshua Smith | Mark Snyder | Robert Spahr | Greg Surman | Bill Thomson | Matt Towers | Fred Wessel | John Willis

The Faculty Exhibition will be on display through Sunday October 22, 2006.

Up next: National Portfolio Day, November 4, 2006, 12-4pm.
For more information, contact Bob Calafiore, Assistant Dean, Hartford Art School.


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