The Work Has Arrived

At last count, 155 pieces of alumni artwork have arrived and are being arranged and hung as we speak. These shots are just a few glimpses of the work we have for the show.
Here are a few more alumni who have sent in work for the show. There is still more inventory to be completed so more names will follow. We hope to see you all at the opening on Friday night!

Class of 1962: John T. Zito, Jr.
Class of 1964: Susan Sharp
Class of 1967: Carol Kreeger Davidson
Class of 1969: Peter Ramon | Joan A. Gamble
Class of 1972: Peter Rettig | Bruce Bleach
Class of 1974: Sheila Ghidini | Joan Sinclair Muller | Lise Petrin Fuller | Bill Cooke | Karen LaFleur Pieper | Merle K. Barash
Class of 1975: Dianne Lukash Ray
Class of 1976: John Turturro
Class of 1977: Susan Bradley
Class of 1978: Bobbie Schwartz-Friedman
Class of 1979: Martha Ferguson
Class of 1981: Peggy Lyman Jones
Class of 1982: Pat Guizzetti
Class of 1984: Jude Schwendenwien
Class of 1985: Diane Savino
Class of 1986: Jan Willett
Class of 1987: Stacia Landsberg
Class of 1988: Nikki Savramis
Class of 1989: Lee M. Rossi | Stefan Pokorny
Class of 1992: Anthony Billard
Class of 1993: Martin Knox
Class of 1994: Jennifer Mazzucco | Raimi Slater
Class of 1997: Jennifer Andrews | Charles Abel
Class of 1998: Ann Laroche | Jenni Ward | Jeff Kopp | James Xavier Barbour
Class of 2000: Joshua Miner
Class of 2002: Nancy Peel Gladwell | Lillianna Pereira | Ethan Boisvert
Class of 2003: Kelly McCarthy | Kristin Angela Daly | Kerri Wessel
Class of 2005: Beilke Allison | Lauren Bennett


Alumni Show Update

What an exciting week so far! The drop-off for the Alumni Small Works Show has begun and we’ve already gotten in a great selection of work by some very talented alumni.

Are you a graduate of the Hartford Art School? Have you submitted a piece of work yet? It’s not too late. We’ll be accepting work through Friday afternoon. Download a registration form for all of the rules and information. The link to the form is in the right hand column of this page.

This list below is a sample of who we’ve heard from so far, in order by graduation date:

Class of 1942: Roberta Mackesson Smith
Class of 1950: Ursula Korzenik
Class of 1954: Peggy McShea Smolack
Class of 1957: Whitlock B. Knaus
Class of 1958: George Knaus
Class of 1959: David Robbins | Layne (Marholin)
Class of 1960: Anthony Gardocki
Class of 1962: Dorothy Bosch Keller
Class of 1963: Julia Parker Post | Donald Eccleston | Robert Revak Dublac
Class of 1968: James P. Cavanaugh | Phil Statlender | Mark Bieber
Class of 1969: Patricia Shields DiCosimo
Class of 1970: Joseph Bernard | Pam Hastings | Paige Lindroth | Charles Malzenski | Bob Gregson | Mike Somma | Don Wass
Class of 1973: Carole P. Kunstadt | Christine Danylik Ivers
Class of 1974: John Arabolos
Class of 1975: Gustavo J. Bretones | Jane Rainwater
Class of 1976: Gioia Hansbury | Cecelia Calhoun | Debra Conant | Leslie Saxon
Class of 1977: Janet Stern
Class of 1978: Carol Adams | David Lee Moneypenny
Class of 1979: Isabel Compasso | Diane Noble
Class of 1980: David Holtzman | Elisa Tenenbaum | Betty Gerich
Class of 1981: Lyn Harper
Class of 1982: John Hull | John Bissell
Class of 1984: Chris London
Class of 1985: Claudette Gamache | T.J. Garofalo
Class of 1987: Maura O’Connor | Nancy Doherty | Lynn Schneider | Adam Thurl Hewes | Laura Cloud | Robert Calafiore | Judith McElhone
Class of 1988: Harriet G. Caldwell
Class of 1989: James F. Marrs | Jonathan Gouthier
Class of 1990: Jackie Peterson | Jacqueline Decker
Class of 1991: Robin Blayer-Bulaong | Gregory Coutinho | Victoria Jutras Kniering | Christine Dalenta
Class of 1993: Kathi Packer | James P. O’Neill | Jennifer Formica
Class of 1994: Jenni Freidman
Class of 1995: Donna Forma | Alan Carlstrom
Class of 1996: Sandra Jeknavorian | Victoria Hanks | Kathleen Zimmerman
Class of 1997: Matthew Weber | Beth Ann Grainger | Aaron Masthay | Karen Green Recor
Class of 1998: Grace Collies | Amy Barillaro-Visockis | Victor Visockis | Tricia Anderson | Lisa Gaumond
Class of 1999: Bettina Viereck | Gregg Bailey
Class of 2000: Bryan Slate | Chris Gugliotti | Jason Snair | Nina Ritson | Dave Thatcher | Cindy Miller | Candace Abbott | Ryan O’Rourke | Keith Brough
Class of 2001: Jeremy Bell
Class of 2002: Michael Galvin | Paul Batch | Jennifer Guarino | Christine Wirth
Class of 2003: Martha Jeffrey Galuszka | Bonnie Gayle Morrill
Class of 2004: Emily Peterson
Class of 2005: David Portanova | Ellen Hacke Fagan | Emily Cappa | Kristen Wojcoski | Adam Machose | Laura Sohre | Andrea Gianchiglia
Class of 2006: Ian R. Kirby | Chet Kempczynski (Honorary Alum)