Alumni Show Update

What an exciting week so far! The drop-off for the Alumni Small Works Show has begun and we’ve already gotten in a great selection of work by some very talented alumni.

Are you a graduate of the Hartford Art School? Have you submitted a piece of work yet? It’s not too late. We’ll be accepting work through Friday afternoon. Download a registration form for all of the rules and information. The link to the form is in the right hand column of this page.

This list below is a sample of who we’ve heard from so far, in order by graduation date:

Class of 1942: Roberta Mackesson Smith
Class of 1950: Ursula Korzenik
Class of 1954: Peggy McShea Smolack
Class of 1957: Whitlock B. Knaus
Class of 1958: George Knaus
Class of 1959: David Robbins | Layne (Marholin)
Class of 1960: Anthony Gardocki
Class of 1962: Dorothy Bosch Keller
Class of 1963: Julia Parker Post | Donald Eccleston | Robert Revak Dublac
Class of 1968: James P. Cavanaugh | Phil Statlender | Mark Bieber
Class of 1969: Patricia Shields DiCosimo
Class of 1970: Joseph Bernard | Pam Hastings | Paige Lindroth | Charles Malzenski | Bob Gregson | Mike Somma | Don Wass
Class of 1973: Carole P. Kunstadt | Christine Danylik Ivers
Class of 1974: John Arabolos
Class of 1975: Gustavo J. Bretones | Jane Rainwater
Class of 1976: Gioia Hansbury | Cecelia Calhoun | Debra Conant | Leslie Saxon
Class of 1977: Janet Stern
Class of 1978: Carol Adams | David Lee Moneypenny
Class of 1979: Isabel Compasso | Diane Noble
Class of 1980: David Holtzman | Elisa Tenenbaum | Betty Gerich
Class of 1981: Lyn Harper
Class of 1982: John Hull | John Bissell
Class of 1984: Chris London
Class of 1985: Claudette Gamache | T.J. Garofalo
Class of 1987: Maura O’Connor | Nancy Doherty | Lynn Schneider | Adam Thurl Hewes | Laura Cloud | Robert Calafiore | Judith McElhone
Class of 1988: Harriet G. Caldwell
Class of 1989: James F. Marrs | Jonathan Gouthier
Class of 1990: Jackie Peterson | Jacqueline Decker
Class of 1991: Robin Blayer-Bulaong | Gregory Coutinho | Victoria Jutras Kniering | Christine Dalenta
Class of 1993: Kathi Packer | James P. O’Neill | Jennifer Formica
Class of 1994: Jenni Freidman
Class of 1995: Donna Forma | Alan Carlstrom
Class of 1996: Sandra Jeknavorian | Victoria Hanks | Kathleen Zimmerman
Class of 1997: Matthew Weber | Beth Ann Grainger | Aaron Masthay | Karen Green Recor
Class of 1998: Grace Collies | Amy Barillaro-Visockis | Victor Visockis | Tricia Anderson | Lisa Gaumond
Class of 1999: Bettina Viereck | Gregg Bailey
Class of 2000: Bryan Slate | Chris Gugliotti | Jason Snair | Nina Ritson | Dave Thatcher | Cindy Miller | Candace Abbott | Ryan O’Rourke | Keith Brough
Class of 2001: Jeremy Bell
Class of 2002: Michael Galvin | Paul Batch | Jennifer Guarino | Christine Wirth
Class of 2003: Martha Jeffrey Galuszka | Bonnie Gayle Morrill
Class of 2004: Emily Peterson
Class of 2005: David Portanova | Ellen Hacke Fagan | Emily Cappa | Kristen Wojcoski | Adam Machose | Laura Sohre | Andrea Gianchiglia
Class of 2006: Ian R. Kirby | Chet Kempczynski (Honorary Alum)


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