And the Accepted Entries Are…

The artists came to the gallery in droves this past weekend to drop off their work to be juried for the Goldfarb student show. We had 106 students with a combined 178 pieces of art enter, and the following 65 students had their work accepted for the show:

  • Ahlers, Matthew Dragonfly
  • Angulo, Luis Alley
  • Angulo, Luis Everyday
  • Balducci, Greg Beginning of an end
  • Balducci, Greg Self portrait
  • Barsalou, David American Pie
  • Barsalou, David Silicone Blond
  • Beardsley, Corinne why I close my eyes when you’re inside me
  • Bixby, Sean Green Revenge is Coming
  • Bourque, Jessica The Waters Below Slowly Churned as He Dreamt
  • Carter-Fisher, Miguel Window
  • Clark, Fiona Discovering Family 1
  • Crisafulli, Anthony No. 9
  • Crisafulli, Anthony Untitled
  • Czaplicki, Jenna Untitled
  • D’Aurio, Stephanie Have-to-Lie Ever after
  • Day, Charles Extended White
  • De Angelis, Cara I Bow to Holy Doom
  • De Angelis, Cara Viking Shamaness
  • DeForte, Dan Sicilian People
  • DeForte, Dan The Run Around
  • Drescher, Yosefa Family Journey
  • Dukaleva, Jetaterina Sicily
  • Dukaleva, Jetaterina Sprocket Cipher
  • Eames , Matthew Competing Still Life :A Romantic Dinner for Two
  • Foster, Kate You Got My Goat Girl
  • Francois, Emily Strip Mall Commemorative Plates
  • Francois, Emily Western Origami
  • Fredella, Ross Untitled
  • Globerson, Dave Veggie Face
  • Grady, Deanna Cruet Set
  • Grady, Deanna Untitled
  • Heelan, Jocelyn Slip Painted Bowl
  • Hu , Parker Derrick Quevedo
  • Huff , Andrew Untitled (Fabric Pattern Series)
  • Hughes, Skylar P. Guts
  • Hunsberger, Matthew Address by the Apostle Paul
  • Hunsberger, Matthew The Rabbit King
  • Jenkins, Erin Aphrodite in Autumn II
  • Jones, Lauren Cup
  • Katz, Jessica Dinosaur Discovery
  • Keopper, Ian Untitled
  • Keopper, Ian Untitled
  • Kleykamp, Desiree L. Tina Mae, John & Frankie, I think about where you’ve gone and the world spins madly on.
  • Kontos, Nick Untitled
  • Kontos, Nick Untitled
  • Kornacki, Christine Geisha
  • Krause, April Societal Bands
  • Kulbacki, Mary F. Harvest
  • Levitshiy, Olga Thumbelina
  • Malicki, Jillian M. Untitled
  • McCarthy, Mary Unfinished Still Life With Nondescript Objects
  • McKinniss, Sam Pretty Baby at Pentecost
  • Metcalf, Shirley, A Thank You Haystack #2
  • Michanczyk, Sean Dove of the Impossible Belueder
  • Morello , Matt Untitled
  • Nagy, Anni Lorrain’s Passion
  • Norton, Greg Grand-Guignol Poster
  • Norton, Greg Siegfried Poster
  • O’Brien, Elizabeth Lulu
  • Pagan, Jennifer Path of Amber
  • Pelkey, Katherine Joey
  • Pelkey, Katherine Untitled
  • Phillips, Kyle Self Portrait in Egg Tempera
  • Riccio, Tim California
  • Riccio, Tim White Wool (self portrait)
  • Rosset, Hara Barnstorming
  • Salvatore, Catherine Dinner Composition I
  • Salvatore, Catherine Dinner Composition II
  • Scopino, Mike Before Her Eyes
  • Sedoni, Jason A Modern Genocide
  • Shaw, Kristen Boxes #3
  • Silvis, Geoff Untitled Still Life
  • Stokowski, Justine Fox Running with Wet Oil Painting
  • Stratidis, Brianna Mom
  • Tuttle, Chrystal Untitled
  • Webster, Amanda Wall-Nut
  • Weed, John Untitled
  • White, Heather Untitled
  • Wollman, Bradley Toy Soldiers
  • Wong, Alice Remember when…
  • Wysocki, Kim Wedding cake

Among the accepted entries, we have 11 illustration majors, 11 Visual Communication Design majors, 11 painting majors, 10 ceramics majors, 7 photography majors, 6 undecided majors, 5 printmaking majors, 1 sculpture major, 1 cinema major and 1 business major.

Mark you calendars for the opening reception, next Wednesday, February 14th from 4:30-6:30pm. The two thousand-dollar purchase prizes will be awarded that night at around 5pm.


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