Gallery Renovation

This summer we started on phase 1 of our gallery renovation: moving the walls. We removed two walls, as well as some drywall that was covering up a window, and we added two new walls to make the space more dynamic and interesting. Phase 2 involves changing the main entrance of the gallery and adding a reception desk, two things we were hoping to complete before our first show opens in September, but we’re not sure if it will all happen in time. In the meantime, I though it would be fun to show some views of the renovations so far.

Here is the current main entrance. Notice something missing? The free-standing wall that used to face the entry doors is now gone. The wall to the right past the place where the free-standing door used to be is also missing.

Now you can really see the difference it made having that wall removed. And against the back wall we have two new 10-foot walls coming out toward us.

This is the area where the current emergency exit is located. Slices of the wall were removed and he window was uncovered. This will be the new main entrance and the location of the new reception desk.

We’re very excited about our new spaces to display our exhibitions. It looks like a whole new gallery!


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