“A Couple of Ways of Doing Something” Catalog

Our upcoming Chuck Close Exhibition will feature gorgeous, hardbound catalogs, produced by Aperture Foundation.  The catalogs retail for $50, but we will be selling a limited supply of them for $35 on the night of the opening reception (while supplies last).  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take home a piece of this stunning exhibition.

If you would like a sneak peek of the catalog, check out this review on Lens Culture.  This paragraph sums it up perfectly:

The portraits hold you in their gaze. Emerging from pitch black darkness, they shimmer silvery and glowing, looming large and hazy except for a sliver of very sharp, shallow focus: perhaps only the glint of one telling eye, and a patch of shining detailed porous skin. They sear you.

This catalog is truly a thing to behold.


2 Responses to “A Couple of Ways of Doing Something” Catalog

  1. Sirkka says:

    I really enjoy the sneak peek :o)

  2. Finnegan says:

    This is a really exciting opportunity for the Foundations student.(and for all of us) They will be writing their final papers about the relationship between Close’s work and Holman’s poetry. Should be interesting!

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