An Important Announcement


Zina Davis Leaves Position as Director of the Joseloff Gallery
Davis leaves a distinguished legacy to the cultural life of
the University of Hartford

West Hartford, CT, May 27, 2010 –Zina Davis will be leaving her position as Director of the Joseloff Gallery after twenty-one years of visionary leadership. Davis, who joined the University of Hartford community in 1989, will leave her position on June 9, 2010.

Davis has served as director of the Joseloff Gallery since 1989.  Since that time, the gallery has developed the reputation as a major showcase for the visual arts through provocative exhibitions and programs featuring internationally acclaimed artists.

“Every exhibition or event Zina Davis has produced or curated, as the director of the Joseloff Gallery has had an inspired sense of elegance. This was her signature for over two decades. Her exhibitions broke new ground, brought national recognition to the Hartford Art School, and enhanced the quality of life at the University of Hartford. Zina leaves a legacy of exceptional experiences and insights into the nature of art that will not be forgotten.”
-Power Boothe, dean, Hartford Art School

Davis was appointed to the University of Hartford in 1989 to lead the University’s newly constructed gallery complex in the Harry Jack Gray Center, and worked closely with architects to finalize design of the Joseloff Gallery’s 3,500 square foot exhibition space.  She was charged with creating an innovative exhibition program to serve the University of Hartford and Hartford Art School communities, as well as reach out to new and diverse audiences with shows by distinguished artists from the U.S. and overseas.

Davis opened the new Joseloff Gallery in the spring of 1989 with the inaugural exhibition, Milton Avery: The Poetic Vision.  Since then she has curated and presented exhibitions for artists such as Mia Westerlund Rosen, Arakawa, Alfred Leslie, Judy Pfaff and Michael Singer, Betye Saar, Josef Albers, Sandy Skoglund and John Coplans, Dennis Oppenheim, Jose Resende, Louise Bourgeois, Charmion von Weigand, Robert Morris, Mark Dion, Keith Sonnier, and Nancy Graves.

In 1993, Davis was also appointed as director of the University of Hartford’s Museum of American Political Life, a facility that displayed and housed a rare collection of presidential campaign material and archives.  The museum closed its doors in 2004.

Her dedicated fundraising and stewardship efforts resulted in grants from the National Endowment for the Arts; donations of artwork to the University; and several key gifts to the Joseloff Gallery and the Hartford Art School.

In 2008, Davis was officially named “University Designer,” a title given by president Walter Harrison to formalize the role she had been filling in an informal capacity for a number of years.  As “University Designer,” Davis worked to coordinate a consistent and distinctive aesthetic approach throughout the campus.  Among other projects, Davis worked on the design of University signage and the distinctive neon yellow-roofed visitor kiosks. She was involved in the design of Alumni Plaza; the gates at the north entrance to campus; and the Dorothy Goodwin Café at the Mortensen Library. She served as designer for the renovation to the 1877 Club Restaurant; oversaw the design of the 12-foot metal and stone structure commemorating Alumni Stadium and Al-Marzook Field; and most recently, was involved in the 2009 renovation and redesign of the main floor of the Gengras Student Union.

Davis’s vision, and most notably, her dedication to the arts and the University as a whole will be greatly missed.

Moving forward, the Joseloff Gallery will be directed by the current gallery manager, Lisa Gaumond, who has managed the daily operations of the gallery since February 2006.

The Joseloff Gallery, a part of the Hartford Art School, is located on the campus of the University of Hartford at 200 Bloomfield Avenue in Hartford, CT.  For more information please visit, email or call the gallery at (860) 768-4090.

Zina Davis – Biography

Zina Davis received a bachelor’s of fine arts degree from Beaver College (now Arcadia University), and a master’s of fine arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts.

From 1984-1989 Davis directed Beaver College Art Gallery, and lectured in Visual Fundamentals, Three-Dimensional Design, and Writing Across the Curriculum, a nationally known project originating at Beaver College.

From 1989-2010 Davis directed the Joseloff Gallery–a major regional showcase for the visual arts with exhibitions and catalogues that receive local, national, and international attention.

Zina has a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren.  She lives in Avon, CT.


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